5 Best Turkey Mouth Call For Beginners In 2021

best turkey call for beginners

There is one sport that is slowly taking ground among hunters, turkey hunting. If you go out hunting and you are a beginner, then you will realize that there is no more significant achievement that you will have another coming home with a turkey of your own. The turmoil gets tough when you are in … Read more

The Best Turkey Decoy Bag In 2021

best turkey decoy bag

When you go turkey hunting, other than the usual hunting gear, you also need to carry turkey decoys. The decoys make turkey hunting easier as they bring the gobblers closer to a point where you can aim your shot comfortably. However, some turkey hunters have challenges carrying turkey decoys from home to the field as … Read more

The Best Turkey Decoys For The Money In 2021

best turkey decoy for the money

If you are a regular hunter, you probably know that turkeys are some of the animals with the best eyesight. They can spot you from a distance if you are not adequately camouflaged. Hearing a turkey is not a problem; neither is seeing them. The problem is getting them to come close to you to … Read more