Seven Steps To Becoming A Professional Coach

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Recently people are suffering very diverse psychological and mental issues. There are about 10-20 million attempted suicides every year. It has created the need for life coaches in society. Professional life coaches help individuals overcome the challenges that they face in their day to day life. Life coaching is now an established career. This career is coming up to be essential in society.

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As a certified professional coach, you are recognized then rewarded by the community. You have to take a course and study to become certified. In modern days, you can become a certified coach online. Currently, there are more than 53,000 registered professionals.

Who is a certified coach?

A certified coach is one who has gone through training. You are trained by a certified federation in your country and allowed to practice after qualification.  A couch has ethic and codes learnt from the training that he or she uses in her practice. As a certified coach, you need a document from accredited authorities that shows you are trained and certified to pursue the job.

Why should you become a certified coach?

Having documents that show you have trained is essential. Clients want someone who has gone through training, and she or he understands what they are offering. Also, after training, you will be given certified documents that will allow you to practice anywhere, and you will not be in trouble with any authorities. You want to win the trust of your customers, and you have to show them that you are trained and can help them go through a situation to get a solution, then you need to be a certified coach.

How To Become A Certified Coach Online ( 7 steps)

1. Find your coaching area

You decide your coaching area based on the aspect of life you like.

You must be very passionate about your area of specialization.

The primary coaching areas include:

  • Professional life
  • Personal life
  • Spiritual affairs
  • Romantic matters
  • Health, nutrition, and exercise

Be sure to take more than one specialty. It positions you in the market in a better way.

2. Seek professional certification

  • You must be certified to start practicing your profession.
  • One has to undergo training and assessment to be approved.
  • During this time, you attain the essential skills. For example, developing trust among your clients, active listening skills, psychology, and professional ethics.
  • Training of coaches can also online.


  • Make sure you take the course in an accredited institution.
  • To complete the course, it may cost you more than $ 5000

3. Set up your professional coaching business

  • After certification, you can now establish your business.
  • Ensure that you choose a premise that is easy to locate.
  • Your premises should also be comfortable for you and your clients and always neat.
  • If it requires registration then go ahead and register with the appropriate authorities, e.g. government.

Finally, come up with marketing strategies.

4. Create your digital footprint as a professional coach

You are encouraged to apply technology in your business. Have a good computer(s) and a camera in your industry.

  • Have a decent website to promote your premises.
  • Ensure you name your premises an attracting name. It makes everything easy to market the business.
  • Come up with slogans and post them on your website and even social media.

5. Create a coaching plan with your clients

  • When you get clients, you must make them feel comfortable.
  • Good rapport with all your clients. You need to be quick to learn about your client’s availability before coming up with a coaching plan.
  • Try to fit in their programs, especially the time when you can, i.e. make schedules that favor your clients.
  • Organize neither too long nor too short a session.

6. Establish a pricing system for your services

  • The fee you impose on your clients must not be too high. It may discourage them from visiting you. On the other hand, you should not undercharge. It makes you incur loses.
  • Fix your charges based on the quality of services you give and also your qualifications.
  • 99-100% of coaches’ charge on hourly bases or per session.

7. Advance in education to add up on your professional skills

  • Like most professions, you need to develop and grow your skills.
  • This allows you to remain competitive in your work regardless of the changes that come.
  • You advance by doing a relevant college degree or even a master’s degree.
  • To maintain competence, you can attend workshops, seminars, and conferences organized by various associations or organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. How do you become a certified coach?

You need to study a coaching training course in an accredited institution.

2. Do you need to be certified to become a life coach?

Yes, it is a must to have a certificate for you to practice life coaching.

3. How much does life coaching training cost?

It varies depending on the institution you train in. It may get up to $ 5,000

4. How much should I charge for coaching?

The amount you charge is according to your qualifications and the quality of coaching you offer.

Charges mostly range from $ 75-1000 per hour or per session.


Life coaching requires that you love helping people out, especially when it comes to making decisions. As a professional coach, you have not supposed to influence people to make the decisions you like but help out people to make the decisions on their own. It is a well-paying career.

The world is a shortage of professional life coaches. That is why we still have millions of suicide per year. Life coaches serve well to reduce this number of suicides. It is easy to become a life coach, but it can also be challenging, particularly if you lack passion for it.

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