5 Best Electric Razors For Teenage Girl In 2022

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Being a teenage girl is not simple. If you have a baby girl, at this time, you must think they are the most complicated beings. Puberty ushers in plenty of changes, both hormonal and physical. When this happens, your teen starts to behave in a more sophisticated manner. One of these changes is the growth of hair around their private areas. Such hairs can make them feel uncomfortable, and as such, they love to stay in privacy more than usual. That’s why they need the best electric razor for teenage girls.

electric razor for girls
In the market, however, you will find that these devices are available in a wide variety. As such, choosing the best out of the long list becomes difficult. For this reason, I spent my time in the market, researching the best electric razor for teenage girls. To learn more, consider reading carefully through the whole text.

Types of electric razors

The development of electric shavers continues to evolve with the improvement of modern technology. In the market, you will find that these razors are available in two primary categories, that is,

  • Rotary and,
  • Foil shavers

A foil shaver is among the recent development. It features different designs that can accommodate one to three cutters in each model. Its making features a thin but curved metal layer that covers the cutting edges. The user runs the shaver back and forth, and through the foil, the blades can cut the hair follicles.

On the other hand, is a rotary razor that has up to four heads that are of circular heads. The cutters will spin around the area of interest and cut the hairs as intended.

The two types of electric razors are advantageous in comparison to blade razors in several ways. First is the fact that they are convenient. That means you don’t need to carry stuff such as shaving cream with you wherever you travel. Note that some of these shavers do also use rechargeable batteries. That characteristic adds to the convenience of using the razor.

Shaving Tips for Women to Use Razor/Trimmer Efficiently

As a parent, you don’t want your teenage girl to feel unease, or experience discomfort even after buying her first razor for a teen girl. For this reason, you must ensure that her first experience is the most effective yet comfortable, bearing she hasn’t done it before.

By this, she will look forward to other mind-blowing experiences as she embraces the changes her body is undertaking. You thus should consider educating her on the precautions to take when shaving. The following tips will ensure that she always get a smooth share with no aftershave rashes and itches.

Never shave dry

Ms. Powell advises young girls not to do dry shaves. It increases the risk of them cutting themselves, as well as irritation. As a mother, give your girl the shaving gel to use during these moments. It’s important to ask her to do the shaving near a birth tab or when in a shower.

  • Ms. Powell does also advise taking at least 10 minutes in warm waters to soften the area adequately. In this step, it is also advisable that you consider using exfoliating products such as bath scrubs and loofahs.

Keep the Temperatures cool

Don’t use hot water but rather consider using lukewarm waters. Boiling water makes your skin more tender and prone to cuts.

Don’t be tempted to use soap

Most of the teenage girls are prone to using bathing soap instead of shaving cream. Using soap tends to make your skin flaky and dry. That makes it hard to glide the razor, and therefore, keeping you at risk of getting cuts. Using shaving gel helps to maintain your skin softness, and makes it easy to drive the razor on your skin.

Shave against the growth direction

If you want to take less time, make sure to shave in the opposite direction of hair growth you can also consider combing the hair and cut in the opposite direction of combing.

Take your Time

As a young girl, take your time to shave. Do not be in a hurry, but instead, do it slowly to avoid cutting yourself. Sit down in your bath tab, and let everything run at the right speed.

Additional tips

as a bonus, I advise that you consider getting the surgical spirit to apply after the shave. That kills the possibility of bacterial growth, and therefore, keeps you from diseases. Also, ignore the idea that shaving will cause thick hair regrowth. It’s always to better to stay clean and in a healthy condition.

Can a Woman Use a Man’s Electric Razor?

Some reviews claim that a woman can use her man’s razors to cut her hair. That is true but not advisable. Most experts recommend that you can use his shaving gel but not his blade. Men’s razors feature characteristics meant for shaving men’s beards.

Considering that you’re buying one for your teenage baby girl, it is better if you buy one that is women-designed. That ensures that she gets the best cut, based on their hair growth patterns. Note that, the same idea applies to the male side for maximum outcome.

Electric Shavers vs. Disposable Razors – Which One is Better for Women?

Electric razor for girls is the most recent development and came to make it easier to shave hairs in our private areas and arms. Traditionally, one could consider using safety or cartridge razors. The primary difference is that, as the name suggests, electric shavers use electrical power for shaving.

Each of the two categories has its advantages over the other. Traditional razors, for example, give you the shaving that you desire, but they use a lot of energy and are time-consuming. On the other hand, electric shavers may not give you the cut you wanted. It, however, uses less energy and consumes less time.

Also, electric shavers are more convenient for travelers as they need you to carry less of the shaving stuff. For the ladies, using electric shavers is a better option in comparison to the razors. They are less likely to cause cuts, easy to operate, and are quick in contrast to the traditional blades, and therefore, are safe.

Editor’s Top Pick | Top 5 best electric razors for teenage girl

Below is a list of the five best that you can consider selecting an electric razor for teenagers from in the stores.

1. Philips SatinShave Essential Women’s Electric Shave

electric razor for teenagerFrom Phillips Beauty, the products offer excellent services in whether used dry or wet. It comes with a safe shaving technique that keeps your skin out of cuts. The protective cap keeps the shaving foil secure from damages.

Note that the product is battery operated, making it convenient for travelers. The pink and white colors make it a perfect gift for your teenage girl. Its design is excellent for the ladies and offers the best of the services.


There are a variety of advantages that come with the use of this gadget. These include;

  • It’s easy to use it, whether dry or wet.
  • The package comes along with a cleaning brush to keep it clean,
  • The shaver is battery operated, and therefore, easy to carry out,
  • The safe shaving system keeps you off any cuts when shaving.
  • The foil’s protective technique increases the service life of the shaver.


  • You have to recharge or replace the batteries for continued use.


2. Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women

electric shaver for teenage girlThe shaver comes along with four ultra-sharp blades, which work together with a thin foil to navigate the body contours for quick and comfortable shaves. You can use the shaver when dry or wet. Also, the pivoting head is flexible to help you shave easily.

The shave features a hypoallergenic make, which makes it suitable for all the skins. By this, no irritation after using the shaver. The cleaning of the shaver is simple and takes a few seconds while using running waters. Its battery runs for at least 30 minutes, long enough to complete the shaving.


Among the many advantages that your teenage girl will reap from this product include;

    • A flexible head pivot that makes it easy to reach your target areas,


  • Easy to clean the razors under running water,
  • The battery lasts for a minimum of 30 minutes,
  • Ideal for use whether dry or wet,
  • It’s hypoallergenic, hence no irritation and bacterial infections.


  • You must recharge the shaver before use.


3. SaikerMan Cordless Electric Razor

electric razor for tween girlThe design by SaikerMan is one of the 2020 newest models of women shavers. It comes with five 4D blade heads. Its design is to ensure that women undergo a safe and painless shaving. Women can use it for shaving their legs, ankles, and legs.

The batteries are long-lasting, giving you ample time to do the shaving at peace. The battery is also rechargeable and suitable for dry and wet shavings. The designer has it in mind to shave all skins.


The SaikerMan Cordless Electric Razor for Women comes with a lot of advantages to the user. These include;

  • The five 4d blade heads help to cut the hair follicles around all the curves.
  • The shaver is painless and safe for the user.
  • Its battery lasts for 45 minutes and is rechargeable.
  • The device is also suitable for all skins of women, and
  • It can shave wet or dry.


  • It uses a battery.


4. Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor for Women

first razor for tween girlIf you’re looking for something that can work underwater, this shaver can be a lifesaver. It will be the best since it’s waterproof and works, whether wet or dry. Its make features five curve sensing blades that come with skin guards that help to reduce skin irritations while in contact with skin.

It does also come along with an adjustable comb, which ladies can set into four different settings. That ensures a clean look and feel. The maintenance of the gadget is also easy and straightforward as you can effortlessly clean it in seconds under running waters.


There are a lot of advantages attached to this device for women shaving which include;

  • Has an adjustable comb,
  • You can trim the hair into the desired length,
  • It’s waterproof, making it convenient for use while in the shower,
  • The five curve blades ensure that you gain the best haircuts,
  • Has a hypo-allergenic serum that prevents bacterial infections,
  • It also helps to keep your skin moist for a maximum of two hours.


  • No source of power mentioned.


5. Braun Epilator for Women, Silk-Epil 7 7-561

electric razor for girlsThe product is the best that you’ll get from the Braun line. It’s gentle on your skin, and most studies confirm its effectiveness as a woman shaver. It removes 4x shorter hair, as waxing can remove.

You can use the epilator, whether dry or wet, and its operations are painless. It takes a single hour to charge completely, and you can use it for up to 40 minutes. It is waterproof, and therefore, suitable for use in the shower.


Several advantages arise with the use of this device. These include;

  • The gadget is waterproof,
  • You can use it in the shower,
  • You can use the epilator for both wet and dry shaving,
  • It gives you the smoothest shavings, unlike its competitors.
  • Its battery charges quickly,
  • The battery lasts for an extended period of up to 40 minutes
  • It reveals a smooth skin after the shave.


  • You must recharge before reusing the razor.


Choosing any among the fives gives you a chance to get the best electric razor for teenage girls. Take your time and analyze each of them well using the links provided.

What to Consider in Buying an Electric Razor for teenage girl

If you want to purchase an electric razor for your teenage baby girl, you should consider checking on the following factors;

I. A Rechargeable Battery

Always pick devices that come along with rechargeable batteries. The battery should also last long enough to allow you to do the shaving at a desirable speed.

II. Waterproof

Always pick a waterproof device. That ensures that you can use it in the showers, which is the most convenient time to do the shaving. Therefore, it helps you reduce time wastage.

III. Easy Cleaning

Always pick on a shaver that is easy to clean. The most suitable will come with a cleaning brush and will quickly rinse under running water. That ensures you store it clean and prevent bacterial growth.

IV. Flexibility

Always look for a device with a flexible head. That will allow you to reach out under the arms and other parts of the body easily.

V. Pick on a durable Device

Pick something that will serve for an extended period. It should be airtight and waterproof, and with sturdy construction.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the best electric shaver for women’s legs?

The idea of which is the best electric shaver for women depends on the user. Different factors, such as skin type and age, help you notice the perfect one for you. Note that it can take you a couple of shaves before you find the ideal shaver for your legs.

Do you use shaving cream with an electric shaver?

Yes. You should always use shaving cream with electric shavers. Some of the razor designers claim that their products are excellent for dry and wet shaves. Applying cream, however, makes it less painful and reduces the chances of cutting your skin.

What age do you start shaving your legs?

You start shaving when you’re a teen. At this moment, your hormones facilitate the growth of pubic hairs, which you need to trim regularly.

Is veet safe for teenagers?

Yes. You, however, need to talk with your parents or guardian before you start using them. Make sure to follow all the directions given.

Can a 14-year-old get laser hair removal?

Yes. It’s, however, essential to consider all potential adverse effects. Note that no hair removal process is permanent. The hair will still grow after some time.

What is the difference between a lady shaver and an epilator?

Both devices remove the hair from the skin. The epilators pluck the whole shafts and leave a smoother surface. The shavers, on their part, cut the follicles at the skin level.

Are lady shavers better than razors?

Shaver’s are better than razors in several ways. They are easy to use, quick, and also convenient for all users.

What is the best way to remove facial hair?

Removing the hair follicle is painful than shaving. You can consider waxing, but for a painless process, always use electric shavers.

Final Verdict

Using electric shavers is one of the best ways for teenage girls to keep their private areas clean. If you’re a mom, you can prepare your girl for adult life by buying her the best electric shaver for teenage girls.

That will be a perfect way to usher her into adult life. It’ll also be a way of keeping her growing body clean. Consider selecting any among the above-discussed options to choose the best electric razor for tween girl.

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