The Best Walking Shoes for Pregnancy In 2022

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When your body increase in size during the nine months preceding childbirth, so does your feet. You might need to do a full turnover of not only your wardrobe but your shoes. What are the best walking shoes for pregnancy that will ensure you stay safe, comfortable, yet fashionable?

Although pregnancy in itself is a significant event in a woman’s life, it comes with its share of challenges and problems. Yes, this is not the time to keep up on hot heels with trending fashions. We want to focus on being as healthy and comfortable as possible in our new outlook.

The Best Walking Shoes for Pregnancy In 2022

Shopping for shoes for pregnancy- How will I do it? No need for freaking out as we are here to help you find the best shoe options for any circumstance throughout your pregnancy. Read through this piece, and I guarantee you that you will find some excellent choices.

Why Are Shoes Important During Pregnancy?

There are many health significance of wearing shoes during pregnancy. First, a nice-fitting shoe is well-designed to maximize comfort-ability and reduce and accommodate the swelling of your feet, thus reducing pain. A pregnancy shoe offers support and prevents injuries such as excessive sweating, burning, or overheating, resulting from swelling and hormonal changes.

The Anatomy of a Shoe

The anatomy of a shoe describes the shoe’s structure. Some of the terminologies I will be highlighting refer to particular parts such as soles, or styles or types of footwear. Let’s do a quick review.

Upper: The whole shoe part, above the sole, covers your foot-might be a single unit or attached by stitches. This shoe part is made up of the vamp (front of the shoe), the quarter (backs and sides of the shoe), and the linings.

Toe (Toecap): It is a leather piece that is stitched or glued to the shoe’s toe. This part acts to reinforce this front part but can also be helpful for aesthetic needs.

Tongue: This is the shoes’ flexible part and sits beneath the laces and shoe’s quarter. It aids in spreading the pressure of your foot across the shoe.

Collar: This is the top-quarter edge, where you insert your foot. It is commonly referred to as the shoe’s top line and is often padded to make it comfy.

Counter: A piece of material that forms the back of a shoe. It acts to give extra support and stiffen the material around the heel.

Heel: The leather or rubber piece is attached to the shoe’s sole to raise your foot’s heel. Dress shoes often have separate heel pieces that you can replace when necessary.

Midsole: The material layer located beneath the insole, but over the outsole-It provides the shoe with cushioning and support components.

Outsole: The thick piece of material that is on the bottom side of the shoe. It can either be rubber (less formal but breathable) or leather (less formal, breathable, but vulnerable to water/moisture damage.

Now that we have some slight knowledge of the anatomy of the shoe let’s find out the different types of shoes.

Different Types of Shoes

Before, we find out which are the best shoes for pregnancy, why don’t we have an overview of the type of shoes we will consider? Yes, the choices might be limited because we prioritize your safety and that of the baby. Nonetheless, we have more than enough options for you.


Sneakers are available in multiple varieties, indoors or outdoors, occasion, formal, informal-you have it. During pregnancy, sneakers are an excellent choice, but bear in mind we do not evaluate them based on brands. We recommend you buy medium or ‘arch-support’ soles as they work best to keep you balanced and relieve pain on the feet.


Some sneakers do not have any laces. Such sneakers are a great invention as they relieve women of the struggle of tying shoelaces, especially when the belly starts to grow.


I suppose you re-read this one to confirm that we recommend crocs for pregnant women. These shoes are water-resistant, comfortable, and breathable for women with swollen feet and toe pain. Not only for pregnancy but also convenient for everyone.


If you did not consider buying the classic crocs, perhaps you might consider buying T-crocs. They have the same material, plus more breathable, making them suitable for pregnant women.


Sandals come in multiple designs and colors that can match your style, decor-fancy, formal, and home use. We recommend that you get sandals that have a supportive sole, and potentially one with a slingback. They work the same as sneakers to absorb shocks and prevent backache.


Slip-on’, in some way, is similar to sneakers. These shoes do not have laces and are suitable for swollen feet. Besides, they are trendy, and you can get a design that will match your style.

Flat Shoes

We recommend flat shoes since they are very light in weight. Although they provide little absorption, you can comfortably walk without having too much pressure on your feet. Besides, you might pick some flat shoes with supportive soles that will offer support to your ankles and feet.


If you are looking for a formal shoe during pregnancy- loafers will suit you well. These shoes are quite flexible, safe, and elegant. Furthermore, they offer heels, at convenient heights, for baby carriers. With loafers, you can stay professional, yet fashionable.


Mules are also a suitable shoe collection during pregnancy. They have no closed rear and are trendy. Besides, they are more breathable and hence stylishly suit swollen feet.

Do I Need Different Shoes For Pregnancy?

Over the nine months of pregnancy, a woman is likely to undergo multiple progressive physical changes. Pregnancy can result in swelling of your feet, especially during the last few months- this swelling is a result of hormonal changes causing fluids to accumulate in tissues. The swelling might cause discomfort, necessitating you to get a shoe with a breathable design, i.e., a flexible upper or broader toe area.

Moreover, during pregnancy, you are likely to experience fallen arches as a result of hormone relaxin and weight gain. As a result, ill-fitting shoes might not be enough to support the swollen ankles, feet, and legs. You need different shoes for pregnancy to ensure that you don’t experience injuries, or problems walking, at the same time keeping you comfy and stable on your feet.

Editors’ Choice | Top 5 Best Walking Shoes for Pregnancy

1. Skechers Sport Women’s Empire Fashion Sneaker

Skechers Sport Women's Empire Fashion SneakerYou can never go wrong with a pair of sneakers, either during or after your pregnancy. That is why I recommend to you the Sketchers Sport Women’s Empire Fashion Sneaker. These shoes strike in both quality and multiple features that make it a competent fit for you.

The rubber sole of these sneakers acts as a shock absorptive. Furthermore, its rear support gives you the extra stability you need during outdoor activities. The shoe also has a rise in the rear sole that has an extra pad. This design feature guarantees you support for backache.

It has a woven-in metallic thread that adds sparkle. The slip-on laced design avoids the struggle of having to tie your laces every time. It is also a safety feature as laces are common for many injuries.

The narrow and stretch design of these shoes ensures that they can accommodate even swelling feet. As a result, for expectant mothers, you will always be winning when you rock this pair during a long walk or simple exercises, not to mention its’ appealing look.


  • It is ultra-light.
  • It has stretchy/adjustable laces.
  • The material fabric is breathable.
  • It is embracing- can accommodate any foot size.
  • Has an arch-support sole to provide extra support and stability.


  •  It is a bit narrow at the toe.


2. Vionic Women’s Agile Opal Slip-On Sneakers

Vionic Women's Agile Opal Slip-On SneakersThe Vionic Women’s Agile Opal Slip-On Sneakers are ideal for casual wear, home wear, and even during simple workout exercises. Besides, the rubber sole provides a cushion for extra support, hence recommendable for pregnant women at any stage of their pregnancy.

These sneakers can pair with most looks- be it a casual look, such as jeans, skirts, athletic wear, and more. During pregnancy, you want to keep off injuries as much as possible. The podiatrist design on Vionic slippers, shoes, casual flats, and sandals will enhance your stability.

These sneakers have a durable design, having flexible, yet firm insoles and a durable outsole made of rubber that acts as a shock absorber. Besides, the mesh on the upper side provides enough breathing room for your feet- avoids sweating and overheating, which is common in pregnant women.

Vionic design shoes combine science and style, making them the perfect shoe for pregnant women. These shoes are quite comfortable and suit activities, such as walking and traveling.


  • Can match any wear- be it casual, official, etc.
  • They have a durable design.
  • Suitable for most outdoor activities.
  • It provides extra cushion and support.
  • Have a breathable design.


  • The Mary Jane straps cannot stretch; hence they won’t fit well for swelling legs.


3. TOMS Women’s Black Canvas Classic

TOMS Women's Black Canvas ClassicTOMS Women’s Black Canvas Classic not only strikes in appearance but comes with quality. This all-time wear design comes out simple, yet quite attractive. The two shoe parts, the fabric, and the synthetic sole are high-quality and durable.

The suede footbed protects your feet from obstacles beneath your feet and acts as a shock absorber. With this shoe, you feel like you are walking on bare feet, but in the real sense- your feet are well protected. Unlike other shoes, Tom’s incorporates canvas fabric in the design of this shoe.

The canvas design is quite flexible. Although you might feel tied up, it will stretch with time to allow your feet to size and shape. Furthermore, you can wear it anytime- whether during or after pregnancy.

For workout sessions or off-road terrains, Tom’s gives you the best support and comfort. The flat sole of this shoe makes it suit multiple pregnancy activities such as walking, driving, and working. Besides, you can wear them anywhere- at work, hospital, home environment, just but to name a few.


  • It is ultra-lightweight, making them comfortable (141g).
  • The synthetic sole is durable.
  • It provides complete toe comfort.
  • It is stretchy- enough to accommodate swelling legs.
  • The design materials are high-quality and environmentally friendly.


  • The sole is too thin for sporting activities.


4. Crocs Women’s Swiftwater Sandal

Crocs Women's Swiftwater SandalIf you are looking for comfortable housewear, crocs sandals should be on your bucket list. Crocs Women’s Swiftwater Sandal are lightweight and have features that ensure maximum stability and support. These sandals are water-resistant, and the flex grooves on the outsole work to enhance traction and flexibility.

Crocs are famous for their comfortability and hence a good fit for pregnant women. Besides, they do not have ‘tie laces’; therefore, they can be worn anytime with ease. Nonetheless, the crocs sandals come with even more benefits.

When comparing the heels, you can as well find sandals that have flat soles almost anywhere. However, with crocs sandals, the heels are a bit thicker to enhance support and stability and act as shock absorbers.

The supportive lace present on these croc sandals covers the back of your ankle and the toe.

This lace aids in foot movement and makes sure that your swollen feet have ample breathing space. The raised beads on the soles of the crocs act as an effective shock absorber.


  •  Crocs are lightweight (141g).
  • They are water and odor resistant.
  • Crocs are excellent summer wear.
  • Crocs are shock absorbers.
  • The supportive laces offer extra support and have a breathable design.


  • They are not fashionable.


5. Propét Women’s TravelFit Slide Walking Shoe

Propét Women's TravelFit Slide Walking ShoeDuring the final months of pregnancy, it becomes a real struggle to tie your laces because of the growing belly. To avoid all this, I recommend you try a friendlier shoe. Try the Propét Women’s TravelFit Slide Walking Shoe.

With the TravelFit shoe, you do not have to worry about size, as it offers you an extremely low back close. The supportive lace is elastic and adjustable- you can adjust it to accommodate your swelling feet. Besides, its’ soles are widened from the toe to the rear so your feet will have enough breathing space.

The design of this shoe will give you the perfect experience you want. Besides, the sole is synthetic and breathable. They are lightweight, and you will feel like you have nothing on your feet, yet giving you maximum support.

Prophet TravelFit provides extra cushy comfort, preventing you from obstacles and possible injuries. These shoes are the best fit for you if you are the type who loves walking or traveling. You won’t feel any tiredness, in the evenings, after your adventures.


  • It is ultra-light.
  • It has an automatic adjustment lace.
  • The shoe design and color are appealing.
  • The synthetic sole feels comfortable to walk in.
  • It provides support and widened width for extra breathing space.


  • It has no rear support, hence not suitable for sporting activities.


What to Consider in the best walking shoes for pregnancy?

1. Breathable- pregnancy comes with lots of physical and hormonal changes that cause swelling if the feet, and sweating. When picking the right shoe for pregnancy, you want one that has a breathable design, i.e., made of ventilated materials to absorb moisture and keep your feet fresh. Also, make sure that it fits nicely.

2. Uppers- Comfortable uppers should be breathable, lightweight, and flexible enough to accommodate swelling. For example, a room toe box incorporating an extra-depth design is considered the right choice for swelling feet. Besides, they anchor your ankles, keeping you stable on your feet.

3. Comfort- Selecting a shoe you are comfortable in, during pregnancy, is a significant concern. Remember, this is the time you are required to take walks. You need to check on cushioning features on the heel, cooling elements, and moisture-wicking linings. Shoes such as sneakers, crocs, slip-on, and more will fit nicely.

4. Support Often, due to the weight gained during pregnancy, women might have problems maintaining stability. You do not want to be vulnerable to injuries, and that’s why you should check on stability features such as a contoured footbed, and heel clutch when buying a pregnancy shoe.

5. Shock Absorbency and Out-sole- You should consider the shock-absorbency features such as a thick sole, EVA midsole, or cushioned foam for extra cushioning. Furthermore, durability and slip resistance are significant to protect yourself from injuries. Try rubber, slip-resistant thread, or a lug.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. What are the best shoes for swollen feet during pregnancy?

When selecting the best feet for swollen feet during pregnancy, check the shoe’s design. You need to focus on material, fit, lace or slip-on, support, and soles. Some of the best examples include Propét Women’s TravelFit Slide Walking Shoe, Vionic Women’s Agile Opal Slip-On Sneakers, and Vionic Women’s Agile Opal Slip-On Sneakers. What shoes are suitable for swollen feet and ankles?

A right shoe for a swollen foot will give it enough breathing room, is flexible, and is wide enough for smooth movement of your feet. Examples include Crocs Classic Clog, Vionic Women’s Agile Opal Slip-on Sneakers, Vionic Tide II, and Clarks Breeze Sea Flip-Flop.

2. Is it bad to wear sandals while pregnant?

Pregnancy results in extra bodyweight-this weight that exert pressure on your joints and feet. This results in conditions such as plantar fasciitis. Wearing sandals is right during pregnancy for safety purposes(avoid slipperiness). It is advisable to wear sandals that have straps that can hold your feet to enhance stability.

3. Are Birkenstocks good for pregnancy?

Birkenstocks are excellent for wear during and off pregnancy. They are comfortable and specifically designed to accommodate any foot size and shape, especially during summer. Try the new metallic pair.

4. What are the most comfortable shoes for pregnancy?

1. Skechers Sport Women’s Empire Fashion Sneaker

2. Vionic Women’s Agile Opal Slip-On Sneakers

3. TOMS Women’s Black Canvas Classic

4. Crocs Women’s Swiftwater Sandal

5. Propét Women’s TravelFit Slide Walking Shoe

5. What are good shoes for pregnancy?

The right shoe for pregnancy should be one that accommodates swelling feet, provides ample support, is lightweight, provides the feat with sufficient breathing space, and supports the back.

6. How should you wear shoes while pregnant?

Ease the discomfort accompanied by pregnancy. It is recommendable to wear shoes with arch supports. This arch provides the extra support you need to stabilize your movements and avoid injury. Also, wear support stockings and shoes with automatically adjustable laces.


In conclusion, during pregnancy, you are more sensitive and should try to avoid injury as much as possible. Compared to choosing clothes, for expectant mothers,- selecting the right shoe is not easy. There is no particular brand that recognizes itself as a manufacturer of pregnant women’s shoes. Nonetheless, you do not have to panic as we are here to help you make the right choices.

As we highlighted earlier in the article, you need to consider a few things, such as support, material, comfort, and shock absorption features. All the shoes we reviewed above have met these criteria- the best we have in the market. We guarantee you a happy shopping experience.

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