How To Change The Air Filter On Your Chainsaw

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In a chainsaw, the air filter plays the role of sieving out dirt from the air which eventually finds its way into the chainsaw. It, therefore, follows that a broken air filter does shorten the lifespan of the saw not to mention compromising its operations.

How To Change The Air Filter On Your Chainsaw

That is why it is necessary to change these filters quite often. In our conversations that follow, we are going to examine the step-by-step procedures you have to adhere to in order to make this venture a success.

Tools and Materials Required


Step-by-step Procedures

Step I: Open the cylinder cover

Start off by opening the cylinder cover. You will have to make use of the flathead screwdriver to do this job. Engage the three latches which are found on top of the cover. Place the screws safely in a paper bag or some kind of cover to prevent the possibility of any misplacements.

Step II: Remove the cylinder cover

Now remove the cover of the cylinder. You will have to wait for the engine to completely cool before you can do this. Attempting to do so while the engine is hot may inflict some burns on your hand for no reason.

Step III: Release the latch

Proceed to release the metal latch which holds the air filter in its right position. You will yet again use the screwdriver to do this. Simply insert the screwdriver on the screws and rotate in the clockwise direction to remove them. After unlocking the screws, you now have to remove the entire filter separately from the chainsaw.

Step IV: Change the air filter

This is the core of the entire process. Now bring in a new air filter. Be sure that it is the same dimensions and or brand/specifications of the one you are doing away with. This is to see to it that it fits nicely and does not pose any incompatibilities to the current system.

After inserting the new air filter, tighten the screws. Simply insert the various screws into the slots and use the screwdriver to fasten them tightly. Return the cylinder cover and likewise tighten the cover using the screwdrivers.

Step V: Re-assemble the system

After swapping the old air filter with the new one, you should re-assemble it carefully and meticulously. Be sure to fit the various parts and components as compatible as possible; just as they were before you disengaged them.

If you are stuck along the way, you might yet again have to bring in a professional technician to help you out. You do want to gamble with your device as this might compromise its safety. Do the same to the cylinder and entire makeup of the chainsaw.

Step VI: Test the system

Before you call it a day, test the system. Ignite the chainsaw to ascertain how it is likely to operate or respond. Notice especially how the air filter performs its role of sieving the ambient and the subsequent performance of the engine. In case of any adverse issues, rectify them before proceeding.


Q1. Is it really easy to change the air filters?

A. YES, compared to other chores like repairing the engine or motor, changing the air filters is easier. As a matter of fact, this is an activity that can be performed as a do-it-yourself and in the comfort of your own home.

Q2. How often should I change an air filter?

A. This depends mainly on how often you engage your chainsaw. A saw that is used every now and then is more likely to sustain damages to its air filters. This will call for more frequent changes, typically once a year.

Q3. What happens if the air filter is backward?

A. This might compromise the flow of air. The engine will have to exude more power which may, in turn, wear out the battery or power source. If this happens persistently in the long run, the end result might be compromised chainsaw structure.

Q4. What are the signs that the time to change the air filter has come?

A. Some of the signs to look out for are reduced fuel economy, misfiring engine, unusual engine sounds, excess dirt on the air filters, reduced power output, black sooty smoke or flames exiting the exhaust, and unpleasant smell.

Q5. Does a dirty air filter really affect the performance of a chainsaw?

A. YES, it does! And adversely for that matter. It may choke the engine, overheat it, and reduce its efficiency, to mention but a few! This might end up costing you too much to operate and reduce your profit margins.


If you care for your best electric chainsaw, it is definitely in your best interest to change the air filters every now and then. It may be costly and inconvenient, but the savings you stand to accrue in the end are too numerous to be forfeited or overlooked. Over to you now!

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