7 Tips for Growing Tomatoes from Seed

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Are you planning to grow tomato plants from seeds up? Do you know that by using healthy, ripe tomatoes in your kitchen, you can have multiple tomato plants in the garden? Red, ripe tomatoes are considered to be the gem in any vegetable gardens. You can also have luscious fruits spread across your backyard garden, patio, or balcony. First, learning how to grow tomatoes is important before you start the actual process.

Growing Tomatoes from Seed
Ideally, you are required to follow simple steps to grow healthy and productive tomato plants from seeds, whether you decide to ferment seeds at home or pre-packaged purchase seeds.

 7 Tips for Growing Tomatoes from Seed

1. Make a Proper Start

If you plan to recycle plastic cell packs, then you need to wash them in soapy, warm water. That is necessary to get rid of accumulated salts and old soils. Most farmers like using small paper cups that have many holes punched in the bottom as they can write the names of the varieties on those cups. As soon as the seedlings get ready, transfer them to range containers. You can peel away softened cups. It is a good idea to avoid using cheap bags as they may cause seedling failure.

2. Label All Containers

If you are only planting a single variety, you can ignore this step. Using waterproof markers, name all varieties of tomato seedlings. Alternatively, you can use a utility tape. You should note that the labels are more effective than stakes that wiggle around tomato roots. Think of it; what will happen when a gust of wind topples the table that holds all your seedlings? Therefore, labels can come to your rescue.

 3. Plant Dry Tomato Seeds

Tomato seeds have a fury coating that gummies and softens when it comes into contact with water. The feature ensures that the seeds stick among the soil particles. Also, the coating releases chemicals into soils that improve the growing conditions for upcoming roots.

4. Water Properly

It is advisable to use a regular pump spray bottle to moisten the seeds when starting the mix. This is likely to take many hours, depending on the number of seeds. Add water to the container until it becomes heavy, use an eraser to create shallow holes for seeds and press them in softly with your finger. Then add more water to the top. It is advisable to use clean water to avoid causing diseases.

5. Ensure there are Adequate Light and Warmth

You need to ensure that your tomato seeds are put in room temperature. Spray enough water daily for a week. The seeds will take a week to sprout. When the seedlings germinate, transfer them to a place with bright light. In this case, you can try full-spectrum grow light. Alternatively, a sunny window can do the best as long as you closely monitor the seedlings.

6. Handle Your Seedlings with Care

Do not touch the stem of your tomato seedlings. That is because its juicy tissues may get bruised. Studies show that bruises act as entry points for fungi that can make your seedlings to rot. Also, the stem may get damaged when the seedling falls over. What happens when you have tomato seedlings with weak stems. You should always handle your seedlings by the leaves and not the stems as they are delicate.

7. Do Not Rush Hardening Off

You should expose your tomato seedlings to increased wind and sun. It is advisable to leave the plants for about a week before transferring to the outside. You can make an excellent hardening-off chamber in the name of an opaque storage bin, protected plant shelf, or cold frame.


How long does it take to grow tomatoes from seeds?

It takes about one week to have plant able seedlings. Ideally, tomatoes take about a month to reach maturity, so they can start bearing fruits after 40 to 50 days.

When should I plant tomato seeds?

As a conventional rule, annual vegetables, including tomatoes, should be grown a few weeks to start of the summer season. Wait until a few weeks before the last frost date.

How big do tomato seedlings need to be?

You should wait until your tomato seedlings are 3 inches tall and have a couple of leaves before potting them or transferring them to larger pots.

How do you grow Roma tomatoes from seeds?

If you enjoy tomato sauce, then you should grow Roma tomatoes. You require soils with low moisture content and space them widely.

Can I plant tomato seeds from the ground?

Although it is possible to grow tomato seeds from the ground, it is not a good idea. Instead, you should plant your seeds in small pots and place them in a sunny location and water them appropriately.


With some effort and practice, growing healthy tomato plants from seeds is possible. When tomato seedlings have stress-free lives without serious setbacks, they can adapt to outdoor garden life. There few things that can be quite rewarding as compared to harvesting ripe tomatoes from healthy plants that you started as seeds.

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