How To Clean An Iced Tea Maker – 6 Easy Steps

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Personal iced tea makers are great. They expedite the process of making tea and with it, our lives are better. However, they too sustain some dirt, stains, and grime with each use. This unwanted dirt has to be eliminated to make them serve their roles better and reliably.


 clean an iced tea makerIt only makes some sense to know how to clean them. Stick to the end of the discussions to get to know how to go about this issue.

Step-by-step Procedures

Ingredients Required

  • Household vinegar
  • Pitcher

Step I: Pour some vinegar into the appliance

Pour some vinegar into the appliance. Measure one quart (32 ounces) of the undiluted white household vinegar. Pour it one at a time into the appliance. Shake the vinegar thoroughly to let it mix completely. Leave the vinegar to settle for some time and have some maximum impacts.

Step II: Seal the appliance

Now seal the appliance you are currently cleaning. To do so, place the lid of the pitcher on top of the appliance. You do not want the cleaning agents to spill over when the cleaning process commences later, do you? Lastly, slide this pitcher underneath the ice tea maker.

Step III: Power the appliance

You now have to go ahead to power the appliance. Simply press the ‘on’ button to let the appliance kick start the brewing cycle. Wait for around 1 cup of the vinegar to be pumped into the pitcher. This is to let the vinegar have the maximum impact.

After this is attained, unplug the appliance from the mains socket and let the machine stand uninterrupted for around 30 minutes.

Step IV: Re-plug the cord

At the expiration of the 30 minutes interlude, re-plug the cord. This will let your machine pump out the remaining vinegar automatically. While so doing, it will enable the vinegar cleaning agent to have the maximum impact and reach out to those otherwise inaccessible areas or a portion of the best ice tea maker. Switch off the machine after you are through with this process.

Step V: Discard the vinegar

Move on to unplug the cord. Thereafter, remove the pitcher and discard the remaining traces of the vinegar. Simply pour them gently onto your skin and flush them out with fresh water. Pour some fresh water into the ice tea maker to get rid of the last traces of any vinegar left.

Step VI: Fill the pitcher with some clear tap water

Fill your pitcher with some clean tap water. Thereafter, repeat the procedures stipulated above a couple of times until you have removed all the traces of vinegar. This is absolutely essential because vinegar is potentially toxic and has the ability to inflict pain or other forms of harm on your interior body.


Please take great care not to mishandle these ingredients. Vinegar is particularly corrosive and may burn your hands if exposed continually. Also, you want to keep your work-space free of any children for their safety. For best results, you also want to be very slow and careful as you go about this whole issue.

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