How To Properly Start A Chainsaw

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The manner in which you start your chainsaw can make or break the situation. That is because this procedure is potentially dangerous by reason of being able to easily spark a fire or cause some kind of harm to you.


Luckily, this ought not to be the case really. It is indeed possible to do the job well. You can only do this by adhering to the appropriate steps and techniques which we are going to examine in our discussions that follow thunderer.

Tools and Materials Required

• Bare hands

Step-by-step Procedures

Step I: Activate the chain brake

Before commencing the starting process, be certain to activate the chain brake. This part of a chainsaw disengages the power supply to the teeth of the saw and hence prevents its subsequent movement. It is necessary that you do this for your own safety. You do not want to cut yourself, do you?

Step II: Press the decompression controls

Some models of these chainsaws have decompression controls. These are basically valves that regulate compression of the combustion chamber to prevent explosions and ease the pressure. Check whether your chainsaw has this feature. It if does, press it. Doing this will help make the engine turn over faster as you pull the recoil rope.

Step III: Activate the choke

The choke modifies the pressure of the internal combustion engine mainly by compressing the pressure of air that gets in. You also want to activate this choke to bring about higher pressure for the sake of easy starting and ignition. To activate the choke, press the bulb of the fuel pump or air purge a couple of times until you are able to visibly see the fuel inside.

Step IV: Engage the chainsaw

Now get to the core business of engaging the chain saw. Start off on the ground. Place your right foot in the rear handle. At the same time, maintain a firm grip on your front handle using your left hand. Place the rear handle in between your thighs. Bend your right knee in the meantime. Place your left hand on the front handle and hold firmly.

Step V: Fire the engine

Next, pull the starter handle using your right hand. Repeat this process severally until the engine finally lights or fires. Push the choke at half throttle. Thereafter pull the choke until the saw starts operations. After the engine has started, accelerate the system and thereafter release the chain brake.

PS: In case the engine is hot, you need not activate the choke as explained above. For this reason, follow the instructions above but skip the portion that requires you to activate the choke. In case you are experiencing some difficulties while starting the engine, you may have to apply some half-throttle. To do so, activate the choke fully and thereafter move the controls backward.


Q1. Is it possible to start a chainsaw with the brakes on?

A. NOT REALLY! You have to activate the chain brake before proceeding to start the chainsaw. If you attempt to start without activating the brakes, the system might fire or rotate and in the process endanger your life.

Q2. How do you hold a chainsaw during the starting process?

A. Your legs should be spread apart for stability. Hold the front handle of the chainsaw using your left hand and wrap your thumbs underneath. After this, get hold of the rear handle using your right hand. Finally, squeeze the throttle tight.

Q3. What kind of gas do diesel chainsaws use?

A. Most chainsaws use a mixture of motor oil and unleaded gasoline to generate motion power. These two kinds of fuel are mixed in a ratio of 1:50.

Q4. Must you obtain a license to be able to use and operate a chainsaw?

A. This largely depends on state to state and jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Most states will require that you take the ‘Accessing a Tree and Aerial Rescue course to be eligible for the license.

Q5. How long does a standard chainsaw ticket last?

A. The ticket lasts around 5 years after which you are to take a refresher course before being eligible for renewal.


Always remember to put on the necessary protective gear while starting or engaging your chainsaw. The dangers of direct exposure are too many and far-reaching to expose yourself to. While at it, you also have to exercise great caution as you operate the machine as it is potentially dangerous and injurious to you.

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