The Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips you can’t ignore

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Your lawn mower has been lying in your garage for close to a year. It is not advisable to pick it up after that long and proceed to mow your lawn; you have to establish that it is still in good working condition. You could also be considering buying a lawn mower for the first time, and you have no idea where to start.

Why don’t you look at the Troy-Bilt TB330 lawn mower as it works seamlessly without complications? After you have made your purchase, we will now look at lawn mower maintenance tips you can’t ignore to keep the lawn mower in top condition to enable it to serve its purpose efficiently.

What is the Best Lawn Mower for The Money?

Troy-Bilt TB330 lawn mowerWhen buying a lawn mower, you don’t have to dig deep into your pockets. There are lawn mowers that work fine though they cost less. One such lawn mower is the Troy-Bilt TB330 lawn mower. This mower is gas-powered and can handle different crops/vegetation. How exactly does Troy-Bilt TB330 achieve this?

Design: The lawn mower is powered by a 163cc engine by Briggs and Stratton; one of the most durable and reliable engines in the market. The engine runs throughout the lawn mowing exercise without going off midway. The lawn mower has a 3 in 1 cutting and mulching deck for management of the grass chippings. The fuel tank can handle 1.09-quart fuel to finish the job without having to refill.

Ease of Use: The Briggs and Stratton engine on the mower does not need to be primed as it has ready to start technology that starts the engine when the cord is pulled. When you engage the blade controlling handle, the lawn mower gets in motion. It also has rear wheels that are useful when manoeuvring hilly and rough terrain.

Cutting Quality: The mower has a triple action cutting structure with a 21” cutting deck. The rake guard uplifts grass, enabling it to be cut in a single pass. The deck height is adjustable to six different heights that lie between 1.25” – 3.75”.


  • 8” rear wheels
  • 163cc engine
  • Three-year warranty
  • Ease of Use


  • Grass catching bag is small.
  • Challenging to move when the engine is off
  • Plastic bags easily damaged.


Top 6 Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

1. Change the Oil

Debris and dirt in the oil mess up the engine; change your oil once per season and make sure to check the oil level during summer and spring. Use the oil as recommended by the manufacturer in the user’s manual. Use the drain plug to drain the oil into a recycling pan; if it doesn’t have a drain plug, tilt the mower sideways to allow draining.

2. Air Filter Replacement

Clean the air filter each time you want to use the lawn mower and replace the air filter once a year. Use the replacement model stated on the manual and note down the number of the filter before you throw it away; the number will be useful when buying a replacement.

3. Clean Spark Plugs

When the spark plugs are dirty, they cause the mower to slow start and backfire in addition to consuming more gas when cutting. Clean them yearly by removing soot and carbon on the tip by using fine sandpaper. If you don’t wish to replace them, you can buy a couple of new ones as they are inexpensive.

4. Sharpen the Blades

Blunt blades tear the grass instead of cutting it; this affects the growth of the lawn as sharply cut grass grows better. Badly cut grass is also susceptible to disease as a blunt blade weakens it. Sharpen your blades at least once a year, and if a blade is bent, you can hammer it back to shape or replace it.

5. Change the Fuel

The fuel that sits in a tack for more than six months is not fit for use as it changes its composition. Drain all the fuel from last season and put in new and fresh fuel into the lawn mower tank. You can take the old fuel and oil to a recycling center, which are available in most counties.

6. Tighten the Bolts

Check the bolts that hold the blade to prevent the blade from coming off when cutting; also check and tighten the wheel bolts to keep them steady. Check the bolts that hold the engine to the frame that are located in a circle over the blade. If your lawn mower is self-propelled, strike the bolts at the drive depending on where they are positioned.

How to Choose the Best lawn Mower

Other than the cost of the lawn mower, the size of your lawn is should be a factor when buying a lawn mower. Do not go for a big lawn mower when your garden is small. Also, choose one that can handle the terrain without damaging it. Some mowers only work best on flat ground but not on hilly or rough terrain.

FAQs on Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

What mowers do professionals use?

Professionals use commercial lawn mowers that are stronger and of higher quality. They are made with costly materials to make them more durable since they handle more workloads than domestic lawn mowers.

What is the best push mower to buy?

The Troy-Bilt TB330 lawn mower is the best push mower to buy. It provides value for money in addition to being efficient in grass cutting.

Which is better self-propelled or push mower?

This depends on individual factors such as the size of the lawn, the terrain and your physical fitness. If you have a lawn more significant than 1 acre, go for the self-propelled, and if the lawn is small, the push mower is ideal.

Is it OK to push a self-propelled mower?

You don’t have to push the mower as it moves when the front wheels are tipped and lifted off the ground.

How fast does a self-propelled lawn mower go?

The fastest speed is 3-5MPH.

What is the difference between a lawn mower and a garden tractor?

A lawnmower can be a system utilizing a couple of rotating blades to lower on a bud surface into an even elevation. Garden tractors are similar to a beefed-up variant of the yard tractor, useful of heavy-duty floor engaging tasks. They are effective at tilling, furrowing, towing heftier cart heaps, as well as scuff snow and dirt.

Final Verdict

When buying a lawn mower, you should consider the size of your lawn to choose between purchasing a self-propelled or a push mower. The physical fitness of the person to do the mowing is also essential as an aged person cannot operate a push mower.

A well-maintained lawn mower will add longevity to the machine as it won’t dysfunction due to poor maintenance. Also, a well-maintained lawn mower cuts grass efficiently without damaging it to enable it to continue to grow appropriately.

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