Top 5 Best Hunting Face Paint In 2022

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When you set out for your hunting expedition, you want to capture your prey with less difficulty. You do not want a situation where the victim spots you from a distance as it will run away. Some animals such as duck, turkey, and deer are excellent; hence can spot a hunter from quite a distance.

Best Hunting Face Paint

This is the reason why you need to be wholly camouflaged on your entire body, starting from the face to the clothing you wear. Hunting face paint makes you invincible as it makes you blend in. For this reason, we will look at the top 5 best hunting face paint in 2022 that will help you invincible to your prey in any hunting environment.

The face paint review will help you choose suitable face paint for you. The article will also give you some essential points to consider when selecting face paint for your hunting use. The considerations are imperative; hence, you should put them in practice the next time you are out shopping for hunting face paint.

Why Do You Need Hunting Face Paint?

You need hunting face paint to conceal your presence when hunting. You might have the right hunting gear, but your face may give away your location to potential prey. This is the reason why you need to use hunting face paint to make you blend in. Hunting face paint is an alternative to hunting face mask as it works better than a face mask.

Also, when you use face paint, your hearing is not restricted as it would with a face mask. You will hear all sounds as they came, which will enable you to identify your prey when you approach it. Besides, face paint does not make you sweat as the right face paint allows the skin to breathe normally.

What is Camo Hunting Face Paint?

Camo hunting face paint is a type of paint that mimics the surrounding hunting environment. When you apply it to your face, hands, and ears, it becomes impossible for prey to spot you. Different face paint brands provide various colors, but the most common colors are gray, black, green, and black, in different shades. The different colors enable you to paint your face according to your current surroundings.

Why is Camo Face Paint better than a Face Mask?

The first reason why face paint is better than a face mask is its ability to make you invincible to your prey ultimately. When used properly, the paint will provide you with enough camouflage to conceal you efficiently.

Secondly, face paint does not affect hearing or sight; it does not cloud your sight or your hearing as it is just painting that’s applied to your skin. A face mask might also prevent you from effectively using a pair of binoculars as opposed to facing painting.

Thirdly, face masks are unbearable in hot weather conditions as it gets claustrophobic and stuffy even with a mesh version. Some face paints are made with activated charcoal that provides scent absorption.

How to Apply Camo Face Paint for Hunting

An important to note when applying camo face paint for hunting is not to paint two sides with the same color. If you paint your right cheek with green, paint the left one with another color, let’s say brown.

Start the process by applying the paint in irregular blotches, shapes, or lines. Use darker paints on the chin, nose, brows, and cheekbones and the lighter colors on recessed spots such as under the nose, eye sockets, or below the bottom lip. In short, use the brightest colors on recessed features and dark colors in the protruding areas.

Tips for Removing Camo Face Paint

If you want your camo face paint to come off quickly, cover your eyes, face, neck, and ears with petroleum jelly before applying the face paint. After hunting, you will only need a dry piece of cloth to wipe away the paint. The petroleum jelly will also help you in cold weather as it acts as an insulator besides inhibiting perspiration during hot weather.

The second tip is to use face paint with clay-based formula instead of one that contains grease or oil. The clay-based one is easy to remove with water and a piece of cloth. Other than lasting long on your face, it does not clog your skin pores or cause skin irritation or different reactions.

Most face paints are washable with just water and soap without having to scrub hard on your face. However, oil-based paints may be a little hard to wash off, which may leave you with a burning face.

Editor’s Top Pick | Top 5 Hunting Face Paint

1. Hunters Specialties Crème

waterfall face paintThis is a brilliant choice for hunting face paint. It is available as three tubes that contain three diverse colors. The colors are dark gray, mud brown, and flat black, which are comfortable in an application. You can use a finger or a paint applicator to apply the face paint. When using Hunters Crème, you only use a little amount as a bit of it goes a long way.

This product is easy to clean as it is waterfall face paint where you only use soap and water beside it is very resistant. It is also made from skin-friendly materials, thus protecting your skin from side effects such as rashes.

  • Removable with water and soap
  • Available in three colors for maximum invisibility
  • Inexpensive
  • Quite messy


2. Hardy Facepaint 3 ColorCamo Bundle

best camo face paintThis is a custom camouflage face paint that fits any skin; children can also use it without worrying about it damaging their skin. The paints are made with materials that are of high quality, and they provide zero greases as they do not smudge and not affected by sweat.

The water-based formula used in their construction allows breathing of the skin. People with sensitive skin do not need to worry as these paints do not produce irritation or itchy feeling. They are a product of the USA hence are approved by the FDA. To remove the paint, you only need to use a moist cloth.

  • Sweat and water-resistant
  • Easy to clean using a moist towel.
  • Not harmful to sensitive skin
  • Non-irritant and non-itching
  • Not suited for high temperatures


3. Bobbie Weiner Camouflage Face Paint

washable face paintBobbie Weiner’s range of camouflage face paints is available in three kit packages with each package having various color sets, that is, 3, 4, or 5 color kits. They are also available as paints sticks that are sold as sets of three. Some of the shades available are black, mud brown, brown, grey, sand, and olive green.

The kits have a mirror and a wedge sponge that are airtight and durable while the paint sticks are efficient as they can be used directly. They last long on the face besides their ability to withstand harsh weather.

The paints do not induce itching, redness, or rashes to the user. The packaging is compact and pocket-sized, making it easy to carry around. The paint is light, odorless, and non-glare, and it is removable by soap and water. To add to this, this is the military camo paint of choice.

  • Available as kits and sticks
  • Long-lasting
  • Non-irritant
  • Available in more than six colors
  • Can endure harsh weather
  • Non-glare and odorless
  • Black color no longer available.


4. Carbomask Three-Pack

military camo paintThe Carbomask Three-Pack face paint is available in a pack of three tubes that have three diverse colors, that is, earth brown, black, and hunter green. These are great colors that will help you conceal yourself in the fields.

The paint is water-resistant; hence, you do not have to worry about sweat damaging the face paint. It does not produce glare or odor, thus enabling you to easily blend in with your surroundings to quickly locate your prey.

It is made with a clay-based formula that does not clog skin pores or grease your skin and easy to apply and stays on the skin for long. The package also has a small mirror to help you wear your camo face paint when already in the field. The CarboMask Three-Pack has been rated as one of the best camo face paint in the market today.

  • Lasts long on the skin
  • Non-greasy
  • Non-pore clogging
  • Washable face paint
  • Has a gritty feel


5. ArcturusCamo Face Paint Sticks

hunting face paintThese are the first entry in the list, and it is available as three double-sided tubes resulting in six diverse colors. Each tube has two shades, one on each end of the cylinder. The first stick has a black and brown color, the second one has moss and light green, and the third stick has forest and olive.

You have the option of applying the paint with your finger or directly using the stick. The materials used to make the paints are skin-friendly hence do not pose a danger to the skin. Despite the paint lasting long on the face, it is also washable face paint.

  • Three sticks with six different colors.
  • Applicable with fingers of stick
  • Skin-friendly
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to clean
  • Shinny


How to Choose the Best Hunting Face Paint

When choosing hunting face paint, you need to make some critical considerations. This will enable you to choose the right product that will serve you well when you go out in the field. Here are some of the things you need to consider when choosing hunting face paint.

I. Easy and Mobile

Before you make any other consideration, the first thing you should look for is the portability of the face paint. It should be easy to store and apply without damaging it. Whenever you keep it in the pocket, backpack, or truck, it should not be affected by any weather conditions, unusually high temperatures.

II. Oil or Clay-based?

Hunting face paints are either clay or oil-based. Oil-based paints are not too popular as they are a runny, greasy, smear, malt, and are hard to wash off. The quickly fill your skin pores, causing skin reactions, especially to people with sensitive skin.

On the other hand, clay-based paints are a better option as they do not run or smear like oil paints. They are also straightforward to clean as you only have to use soap, water, and a small towel.

III. Scent

Whether or not face paint is scented or not is an important consideration. Animals in the wild use their nose to smell and identify strangers in their midst. Most oil-based paints have strong scents and odor that might keep the animals away. Clay-based face paints are odor-free, making them ideal when hunting in the woods.


Your choice of hunting face paint should have the ability to resist brushing and resisting water, pressure, and wiping. Whether you are duck or deer hunting in the rain or the hot sun, the face paint should endure all the weather conditions. When each is applied, that is, pressure, brushing, or in wet conditions; it should withstand them all.

V. Versatility

As a hunter, the face paint should be usable in various situations. Look for face paint with color palettes that blends in many kinds of environments. A product with different shades is ideal as you can combine them to fit the situation. A perfect hunting face paint package should have black, brown, green, grey, and tan colors. This will allow you to get to your target without them noticing your presence.

VI. Skin Sensitivity

Oil-based face paints tend to clog the skin pores leading to reactions on the skin. If you have sensitive skin, first test the paint on a small part of the skin; doing this will help you know if the paint is fit for your skin type.

VII. Ease of Application

Some products are sold together with an application stick, which saves you from making a mess with your fingers; others have a mirror as an added accessory. If you do not want to apply the paint using your finger, you can choose one that has an application stick.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

Which type of face-paint is best for my skin?

Clay-based face paints are more skin-friendly than oil-based face paints. If you have sensitive skin, it is better to go for clay-based paint as oil-based paints clog the skin. Besides, they are hard to wash off, and they also smear and melt in hot weather conditions.

Where on my face should I put dark and light colors?

Dark colors should be applied to the chin, brows, and nose, and cheekbones. Apply light colors on spots under the eye sockets, under the nose, and below the bottom lip.

Should I worry about camouflage face-paint scent?

Yes, you should. Camo face paint that is scented is not suitable for hunting. The scent alerts the animals that there is an intruder in their midst since wind will spread the scent to them. The scent can also attract bugs and flies to your face.

How do I camouflage my hands?

The first thing you can use to camouflage your hands is by wearing camo gloves. There are a variety of camouflage hunting gloves in the market. If for some reason, you do not like wearing gloves when hunting, you can camouflage your hands with camo paint.

Should I use any particular type of pattern?

You should use irregular shapes or patterns on your face when using hunting face paint. This is because you need to imitate the surrounding environmental features such as leaves and tree barks. Symmetrical patterns will not blend in with the surroundings as they will be too defined.

How should I camouflage my ears?

You can camouflage your ears using a face mask, but this has implications. A face mask may limit the quality of sound that gets to your ears, which leads to you not correctly identifying the sounds. Instead of a face mask, face paint is equally effective in camouflaging the ears. Use hunting face paint to your ears to create a complete camouflage.


In conclusion, your choice of hunting face paint is dependent on your individual preference. If you have no idea of what to buy, choose one from the products reviewed above as the review has some of the best face paints on the market. The face paints are kind to the skin as they do not negatively react to it. They are also easy to remove as most of them only require soap and water to wash off the paint.

Also, keep in mind the points to consider before you buy your face paint as different people have different preferences. If you apply the considerations, you will get the most suitable hunting face paint for your hunting experience, where you will get closer to your target without being detected.

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