The Best Longbow For Hunting In 2022

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Hunting has been made easier by these 5 best longbows for hunting in 2022; they are the high-quality bows on the market as of now. Some different types and models come with new qualities to it, and each of them has an activity that they are best suited for depending on the features. The longbow for beginners is not as massive as the usual bow, and it is also used because they are quiet.

Best Longbow For Hunting

Some longbows are ideal for hunting deer examples being the Archerymax handmade Mongolian Style long and the SAS pioneer longbow. The latter longbow for hunting deer is the highest rank of the two as it is the best longbow for the money and also very comfortable. The best longbow for target shooting is the mountain man sierra Longbow 68″.

What is a longbow?

This can describe in terms of its length, the material used, and the shape to differentiate it from the recurve bow. Therefore it is a type of bow that is relatively the same height as that of the archer. It forms a D-shaped or circular cross-section as the limbs are quite narrow. This is noticed when you string the longbow. It is also important to note that the string is separated from both the top and bottom limbs.

As mentioned, one can also describe using the materials used to make it. Wood is the most known material used to make the longbow; however, it can also be made into layers of different types of wood. The latter is referred to as composite wood. The most common types of wood used are hickory, lemonwood, and yew. These three are often used together to allow for the bow to withstand compression and tension.

Types of longbow

There are many types of longbows. Most of them are named after the place they originated from. The types include the Mongolian longbow, Turkish longbow, English Bow (which has a narrow limb and core that’s deep), Irish bow, Indian bow, Japanese Bow, Horse bow, and medieval bow.

Other types of longbows include; The American Longbow, which is also referred to as the hill-style longbow. It is quite broad and flat at the cross-section. It also has a stacked handle. There is also the flat bow, which is named after its flat but wide limb. The limb tips are also tapered.

Longbow vs. Recurve for hunting

Longbow vs. Recurve for huntingThe two differ from each other in their appearance as the longbow is longer than the recurve and also the limbs of the recurve curve away from the archer. Longbow gets its strength from its stiffness hence not as efficient at hunting as the recurve bow is. This is so because the recurve’s limbs can store more energy than the longbow. This also enables it the ability to deliver the arrow with high speed and power. However, both of them are said to be accurate as their accuracy depends on the length of the bow you use regardless of whether it is a recurved or longbow.

The recurve bows are well known for their smoothness, but if the longbow has been appropriately designed, they could also be smooth. When one pulls back the bow, they increase the drawing weight, which makes it challenging to release, especially near the final draw, but a smooth bow can overcome this effortlessly. The Recurve bow can cover a vast range as compared to the longbow as they have a quick speed.

In Recurve bows, one can shoot quickly as compared to the longbow as the latter is quite rigid. This shows that the recurve is more accurate. The longbow being more significant than the recurve, makes it hard for them to be chosen for hunting as they are quite heavy.

The Recurve bow is technically more able to be adjusted as compared to the longbows as you can buy different types of limbs for the bow. Hence it is safe to say that one can decrease or increase the power of a recurve. The reason why the longbow is not as versatile as the recurve is because they commonly have a single piece of the bow.

Why is the Longbow better?

The Longbow also has a few advantages over the recurve, which makes it a better option. One of them being it is excellent for aim. This is because the cross-section of the limb and riser are thicker than that of the recurve. This reduces the chances of the string moving sideways hence better at aiming and shooting. The Longbow is more suited for the beginner as they are more likely to make mistakes while aiming.

Another reason why the Longbow is better than the recurve is that it is the quietest bow. This is because the string and the limbs of a longbow are not very much in contact. This feature is essential, especially in hunting, as you don’t want to scare the wildlife you are hunting.

Editor’s Top Pick| Top 5 Longbows for Hunting in 2022

1. Longbow maker Hungarian style handmade longbow

longbow for beginnersFlagella Horse bow Archery 20-110LBS HI. This is a unique longbow as it is handcrafted and hence extraordinary. It is very versatile in functionality as it is not only used for hunting but can also be used during practice and competition due to its bow length of 54 inches and draw length that ranges between 28 to 33 inches. This helps you increase your hunting skills.

It has been rated as one of the most accurate longbows on the market. This is because the bow is quite tall; its accuracy guarantees that it is of good quality. It can be used by anyone regardless of their body builds or strength as it’s a net weight range from 20 to 110 pounds. It is well suited for feather-fletching arrows. This is compatible with both the nylon string and the fast Flemish twist string.

The bow and riser are made from long-lasting materials that allow for an undeniable pull. The limbs are made from glass, steel, and beech woods, which bring about flexibility. Its package comprises one longbow, three pcs of arrows, one armguard, one finger tab, one target, and a piece of bowstring of 51 inches.

The package also comes with a user manual to help the early beginners. Storage is made more comfortable as it always happens when it is not assembled. One shoot either with both the left and right hand.


  • Very fast and accurate
  • Durable as it is made of good quality
  • it is light in weight
  • Has an amazing design
  • Easy to use
  • It’s convenient and reliable to use
  • It is of high quality as it was hand-made.
  • Quite safe as there is no hand shock produced.


  • Cant carried it for a long time.
  • It is not attached to an arrow.


2. Southland Archery Supply SAS Pioneer Traditional Wood Long Bow

sas pioneer longbowThe SAS is well known for the quality of bow they make; therefore, you can never go wrong with it. In addition to their exceptional performance in hunting, they are quite affordable. Its draw weight, which ranges from 35 pounds to 55 pounds, enables even first-timers to have a great experience.

The riser and limb are made from the makore and cassia siamea wood, which offer stability and are long-lasting to the bow. It is very accurate, especially during longer distances, as it delivers smooth and precise shots. This is also enforced by the arrow rest being covered with fur padding.

It is suitable for right-handed people. It comes in a package that consists of-; a 68-inch SAS Pioneer Long Bow, complimentary arrows, an armguard to save you from the pain, a quiver, a user manual, which helps the user to assemble, and a bowstring. Its maximum draw length is 30 inches, and the length of the bow is 68 inches. It is made of both wood and fiberglass hence quite durable.

The bow weighs 2.2lbs; thus, it is lightweight. The Makore wood ensures the long-lastingness of the longbow as it is rot-resistant.The grip of the longbow is made from leather, and this brings about comfort while shooting. Its lightweight design allows anyone to use it regardless of the size of their hands.


  • Made from high-quality materials hence durable.
  • First-timers can use it.
  • It is affordable
  • No tools are needed in its setup.
  • Has a good strong design
  • It is both fast and accurate.


  • Can’t be used by left-handed people
  • The bowstring may lead the arrow to be off-target.
  • One may experience a hand shock.


3. Bear AFT204015 Montana Long Bow RH45H

longbow for targetThis longbow has a reflex and deflexed design, which makes it both fast and powerful. The bow’s tips are well reinforced hence powerful and can handle high performance. It is suitable for right-handed archers and compatible with the Flemish string. It comes hand in hand with a leather arrow rest, which allows one to control the arrow with ease.

Its drawing weight range from 45 to 60lbs. This makes it easier for the first beginners to use. Its maximum drawing length is 28 inches. One can shoot using the Montana longbow for a long time without feeling tired as the leather grip is quite comfortable. The design of the bow makes one not feel the hand shock hence increasing the accuracy. It does not produce any sound while shooting.


  • Hand shock is not easily felt.
  • Fast, robust, and accurate.
  • Allows for smooth shooting
  • Has an attractive design
  • Silent


  • Restricted to adult use only
  • Not suitable for first-timers.

4. TopArchery 56’ Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow

longbow for the moneyThis recurve bow is quite attractive due to its polished look. Its 17 inches bow riser is made of high-strength aluminum, which makes it both strong and durable enabling it to handle any pressure. It can also withstand unfavorable weather conditions due to its tensile strength.

The length of the bow is 53 inches making it suitable to use either aluminum or carbon arrows. One can make a precise shot due to the arrow rest, front stabilizer, and limb being strengthened by fiberglass. The maple core of the limb also allows for a smooth shot.

The maximum drawing length of 30inches heightens your hunting experience.

On top of that, the aluminum riser has a rubber grip that promotes comfort while shooting. It also comprises a bow case that protects the bow during movement, a user’s manual, and a bowstring. It has a brace height of 7.4 inches and a draw weight of 30-50 pounds, which can be used by beginners. This is best suited for right-handed persons. It can also be used for recreational purposes.


  • It is long-lasting as it is weather resistant.
  • Both professionals and first-timers can use it.
  • Has an arrow rest
  • Can be carried and used with ease as it is lightweight
  • Very versatile
  • It is swift.


  • It is not suitable for left-handed persons and adults.


5. Archery Max Handmade Mongolian Style Bow

longbow for hunting deerBoth adults and children can use this deer-hunting longbow as it has an extensive drawing weight of 20-80 pounds. This range also provides room for choice as one can decide which one they are comfortable with. It can also be used by people who are of average height as the length of the bow is 54 inches.

Its inclusivity is what attracts people to it as both left, and right-handed people can use it. It is considered a traditional longbow as it is a classic hand-crafted bow that gives you the old vintage vibe.

It is also unique as it is made from very high-quality materials. Support is enhanced as the limbs are enforced by glass steel. The glass steel makes it possible to use the longbow during any weather condition; hence, it is very long-lasting. It delivers a shot quite smoothly and efficiently due to the grip offered by the lightweight longbow. This grip increases one’s hunting experience as it brings about comfort. Its drawing length is 28 inches.


  • It is lightweight
  • Very inclusive of all persons
  • It is durable
  • It is very precise in shooting and quiet in releasing.


  • The string provides discomfort while using it.


How to choose the best Longbow for hunting

I. Draw Length and draw weight

The draw length is the distance from the string at rest to the upper chin. It determines how far one will pull off shooting. The draw length affects the draw weight. Draw weight brings about the force that is used to propel the arrow. A strong force is needed to have a high impact on the target and also not miss it. Hence it is important to note both the draw length and weight.

II. Quality and Cost

This longbow should be able to withstand stress, and harsh weather conditions as some types of longbows tend to rot when exposed to water. The longbow should also be reliable. You should also remember to stay on budget as there are still suitable quality longbows at affordable prices.

III. The range

A good longbow should be able to a long distance within a short time. The range of the target, in this case, the prey is usually calculated by dividing the draw weight by two. The range also relates to speed because if an arrow takes a short time to cover a longer distance, we say it is quick.

IV. Brace height

It is the length that separates the deepest part of the bow and the string. It usually determines the speed of the arrow as it is indirectly proportional to the speed. Hence if the brace height is small, the rate will be higher. When measuring the brace height, it is essential to note that it should be a twelfth of the bow height.

V. Material

The material that has been used to make it is usually indicated. Most durable and reliable longbows are generally made from hardwood. This sturdy frame allows for support. This feature often helps when it comes to aiming. The material used also determines the accuracy and whether or not it will operate with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What kind of wood is used to make a longbow?

The longbow is made from different kinds of woods such as yew wood, elmwood, or ash wood, although other types of wood can be used to make the longbow.

What is the best tree to make a longbow out of?

The best trees to use to make a longbow are a red oak.

What is a longbow used for?

The longbow has a variety of uses; the main ones include Hunting, target shooting, field archery, and bowhunting.

How to make a longbow?

Here are the steps of making a longbow.

  • To make the stave of 1.5m, you should use a branch of a tree that has the least number of twists and knots.
  • Find the inside and the outside of the curve by gently pushing the center of the stave. Afterward, you should make cuts to the inside of the bow while leaving the outside.
  • Mark the handhold by finding the middle of the stave and making marks on it. These marks are usually three inches away from the center.
  • Test where it bends.
  • Where it doesn’t bend, you should cut the wood off from the inside to increase the flexibility of the bow.
  • Make a notch by cutting on each side of each tip. These notches are used to string the bow.
  • The bowstring should be prepared by tying loops on both ends of a length of nylon. It should be preferably of length 12.7 cm to 15.2cm.
  • The bow should be hung from a higher position horizontally using a tree branch.
  • Check whether both sides will bend at the same angle by pulling the bowstrings a few inches. It can continuously make adjustments until the draw length has been reached.
  • After finishing the bow, you should apply oil to prevent it from drying out.

Is the longbow suitable for beginners?

The longbow is quite suitable for beginners as they are ideal in the aiming department and hence keeps one interested in archery and pushes one to be better.

However, they do have a disadvantage, especially to the beginner; that is, they are very hence handling could be a bit of a problem.

What is a reflex Deflex Longbow?

This is a type of longbow that forms a circular or D-shape when either strung at brace height or drawn. This is because their riser is usually curved towards the user (deflex), and the limbs are generally curved away hence reflex.

Can a recurve bow kill a deer?

Yes, a recurve bow can kill a deer as it is swift and hence can catch the deer unawares.

Is a recurve bow right for beginners?

Recurve bow is suitable for beginners due to many reasons such as; their size; they are quite small and hence portable, which makes them easy to handle. They are also quite efficient in their performance due to their power and speed.

Final Verdict

All these products have the best qualities needed to make your experience in hunting quite enjoyable and memorable. It is just a matter of picking one that suits your style. The good thing about all these longbows is that they are all long-lasting and have an extended warranty.

Not only do these longbows help you in hunting but also some of them can be used in other activities like competitions. Anyone interested in archery or hunting, regardless of their budget, can find a good longbow from the above list of longbows.

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