How To Clean A Foot File -Step-by-step Procedures

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In the course of getting rid of the tough and dead layers of skin, the best foot files also accumulate some dirt. When these build up, they compromise the ability of the files to effectively get rid of more dirt later. Moreover, they also harbor germs that might endanger your body in case of a cut.How To Clean A Foot File

That is why you have to clean your files from time to time. We have devoted the entire length and breadth of this article to the subject matter of cleaning the foot file.


Tools and Materials Required

  • Liquid detergent
  • Washing brush
  • Warm water

Step-by-step Procedures

Step I: Soak the file in water and tough liquid detergent

Start off by soaking the file in preferably warm water in which is poured some tough liquid detergent. This is to weaken the grip of the dirt on the surface of the files. It also makes the subsequent cleanliness processes easier to undertake. The duration of the soaking should be overnight to give the detergents enough time to weaken.

Step II: Eliminate the debris using a washing brush

Eliminate the debris using a washing brush. Scrub thoroughly to rid the surface of all the various debris which may have accumulated with time. Be careful though not to inflict any permanent or mechanical damage to the structure of the file. Pay some keen attention to the crevices as they are the most vulnerable to the issue of dirt clogs.

Step III: Do the first rinsing

Rinse the foot file for the first time. To do so, soak the file in some warm water for around three hours. Do not introduce any detergent in the water at this stage. At the expiration of the three-hour duration, remove the file from the water and shake it vigorously to remove any trace of water or dirt.

Step IV: Brush a second time

Next, brush the foot file a second. Use a sponge or bathing cloth this time around. Focus on any remaining dirt, ugly marks, or debris as you do this. Yet again you have to exercise some restraint as you do this to prevent inflicting any harm or damage to the structure of the file.

Step V: Rinse and dry

As soon as you are through with the process, rinse and dry. Once more, warm water would be better as it is less likely to predispose your file to rust or corrosion later. After getting rid of the detergent, wipe the entire foot file with a clean and dry piece of cloth to remove any excess moisture. Place the file out in the sun to have it dry completely.


As you may note from the foregoing conversations, cleaning a file is not so daunting a task. You have to acquire the necessary cleaning tools and materials to be able to achieve great success though. When are you planning to clean your good foot file? Go ahead and make your next cleaning a breeze. Remember to share this information with as many others who might need it as possible.

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