How to Use a Foot File Properly – Step-by-Step Guide

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Overexposing the feet to the external elements of weather like the sun and wind inevitably leads to cracks. That is because the feet lose much of their moisture and with it, their smooth texture. You will find the foot file quite handy if confronted with this issue.


This handheld device exfoliates the rough and dead skin from off your feet. It works pretty much the same as how the sandpaper smoothness the wood. It is necessary to know how to use it properly for the best possible outcomes.

5 Steps to Use A Foot File Properly

Step I: Soak your feet in warm water

Soak your feet preferably in some warm water. Make sure they are also clean and devoid of any issues which might impede their handling. Pour some warm water into a basin and insert your feet into it.

This shall soften the otherwise tough and hard skin which exists on your heels. At the same time, it will expedite the process of ridding your skin of the undesired outer layers.

Step II: Slough away the thicker portions of the feet

Now take your pumice stone or file and gently slough away the thicker portions of the feet. Pay some added attention to the balls, heels, and sides of the feet as they are more vulnerable to the problem.

Use slower movements as they do guarantee comparatively better outcomes. Pass over each area at least two times also. Also, do not let your feet become too hot as this might worsen the problem.

Step III: Clip your toenails

Once you are done with the area underneath your feet, relocate to the top. Clip your toenails and at the same time push your cuticles back.

Step IV: Utilize an exfoliating scrub

To further complement your removal of the dead cells, you should contemplate utilizing the exfoliating scrub. Use the scrub at least once a week to get rid of the hard patches or those portions that may be extremely dry.

Step V: Clean the feet

You now have to clean your feet and eliminate any bacteria or other stubborn germs. If left unattended, these may accumulate and harden so much so as to become permanent in nature.

Step VI: Apply some nourishing heel balms

Finish off the entire exercise by applying some nourishing balms. After applying this balm, you have to massage the heels gently to remove persistent dirt. Repeat this process severally until you obtain the best texture for your skin. You better do this before retiring to bed to let the skin absorb the balm properly.


Now that you know how to use the manual foot file properly, why don’t you go ahead and cleanse your feet? You will find the procedures above quite vital, especially in the upcoming summer months. That is because your feet are more likely to sustain cracks at such times.

It is also a wise idea to share this information with the others you care about. That way, you will also contribute towards assisting many others to keep their feet in the best shapes and forms.

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