How To Make Iced Tea At Home – 5 Easy Methods

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If you are a tea enthusiast, you might find it quite tricky to enjoy your tea in hot weather. That is because tea is generally served hot. Doing so in the hot weather is very uncomfortable given the likelihood of sweating profusely.

southern-style iced tea

Luckily, this ought not to be the case. That is because it is possible for you to enjoy iced tea. This is basically tea that is frozen and cooled to make it drinkable while the weather is hot. We are going to let you know how to make it in the comfort of your home.

We are going to examine how to make it without the use of an iced tea maker:

Ingredients and Tools Required

  • Tea bags
  • Fridge
  • Heatproof pitcher/large bowl
  • Spoon/fork
  • Ice

Step-by-step Procedures

Step I: Place the tea bag in a bowl

Place the tea bag into the bowl or the heatproof pitcher. This first step is necessary because it will form the bedrock of the subsequent steps. Placing the tea bags in either container will also allow for the further addition of other vital ingredients.

Needless to state, the number of teabags you introduce depends mainly on the kind of taste you desire or anticipate. Also, the flavor you want will be directly determined by the same.

Step II: Add some aromatics

Even though this procedure is optional, you are strongly advised to contemplate it. Add some aromatics principally to boost the taste and the flavor of the tea.

Some of the common aromatics you might want to try your hand on are our orange peels, lemon outer coats, or fresh herbs like rosemary and thyme. Just put enough in the bowl and stir thoroughly to mix completely. You may also add some sugar at this stage if you so wish.

Step III: Introduce boiling water

Now introduce some boiling water into the mixture of tea bags, aromatics, and sugar you will have generated above. Just like the flavor and scent above, the amount of water should be dependent on the amount of tea you desire to accrue at any given time.

Leave the mixture untouched for some time to allow the ingredients to soak completely and thoroughly. This should ideally take no more than ten minutes. You may want it to soak for a longer duration in case you want a deeper and more perfect iced tea.

Step IV: Discard the tea bags

Remove the tea bags using a spoon or a fork. Do the same thereafter to the aromatics. Discard both of them into a dustbin. If you so wish, you may retain them so as to use them later for yet another preparation altogether.

If you choose this route, you want to make sure that they are kept safely away from any contaminants or household pests. Finish this step by transferring the tea to the refrigerator to allow it to cool completely.

Step V: Top up with some ice

When you are ready to serve the tea, top it up with some ice. This ice should preferably be the one that you shall have made in your deep freezer. Take one or two cubes and place them atop the cup or glass that contains the cold tea.


Nothing beats the excess heat better than the southern-style iced tea for the tea enthusiast. Given its relative ease of preparation, isn’t it wise of you to go ahead and prepare one for yourself?

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