How To Dry Shoes Faster (Overnight)

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Sometimes your favourite shoes get dirty, but you still want to wear the pair in the morning when going to work or running other errands. It could be the pair is perfect for specific environments like working in a factory or walking. Sadly, most people do not know how to dry shoes fast and end up putting on dirty or wet shoes.

 How to Quickly Dry Shoes
When you need to put on your favorite pair of shoe in the morning, but it is dirty, you can clean the shoe at night, and it will be dry in the morning. There are several methods you can use to dry your shoes quickly; it is you choose which method best fit your situation. The following are ways on how to dry shoes fast when you need to wear them in the morning.

How to Quickly Dry Shoes

1.Using newspapers

Using newspapersThis is probably one of the best ways to dry shoes using newspapers

  • Wash the shoes
  • Remove the insoles to dry them alone.
  • Ball up newspapers and stuff them inside the shoes
  • Put the shoes indoors in a dry place.
  • If possible place them near a space heater or a fan
  • Once the newspaper gets wet replace it with a dry one until it is scorched

2. Use a Shoe Dryer

You can use a shoe dryer to dry your shoes, but you have to be careful not to damage them in the process.

  • Wash the shoes and remove the insoles and shoelaces
  • Place the shoes on the two drying tubes and keep the shoe toe higher than the heel.
  • Put the shoes with anvils on the drying tube.
  • There should be a distance between the shoe and the base.

3.Using a Fan

Leather or shoes with gel soles are best for this method

  • Wash the shoes
  • Place them near a table fan and place a towel near the fan to absorb excess water.
  • Hang the shoes on the fan using hooks facing the fan to dry on the inside running on high heat
  • You can remove the laces during this process.

4.Using Clothes Dryer

Another suggestion on how to quickly dry shoes is by use of a cloth dryer

  • Wash the shoes and untie the laces
  • Fill the dryer with towels.
  • Put in the shoes beside each other with the toes facing upwards.
  • Set the soles against the inside part of the dryer door
  • Circle the laces on the dryer door and shut it
  • Set the dryer to a low cycle for not more than 60 minutes

5.Using Rice

  • Fill a container with rice up to 1 inch deep. It should be able to hold the shoes with the lid closed.
  • Place the shoes in the rice either upside down or sideways
  • Leave a space of 1 – 2 inches between the shoes to help in airing.
  • Tightly close the lid and let it rest for 2-3 hours.
  • If they are very wet, leave them overnight in the container.

How To Dry Shoes Overnight (FAQs)

I. Can you dry shoes with a hairdryer?

Answer: Use a hairdryer for just a minute for quick drying as too much heat will damage both the shoe and the dryer.

II. How long does it take to dry shoes?

Answer: The time that a shoe takes to dry depends on the type of shoe and the extent of wetness. It may be as fast as 3 hours and as long as 12 hours.

III. How do you dry socks quickly?

Answer: After washing, roll the socks in a cotton towel that will absorb 2/3 of the water. You can then use a hairdryer by blowing into the socks, and the remaining humidity will escape almost immediately.

IV. Can you dry shoes in the oven?

Answer: Yes, you can dry shoes in the oven but at a low temperature. But remember to place a few layers of newspapers between the source of heat and the shoe.

Final Verdict

When choosing a method to use to dry your boots, always check the label to see the manufacturer’s instructions of cleaning. This is because different types of shoes have different ways of cleaning. Some may be machine washed; others only require spot cleaning, while others cannot be left in the sun to dry. The detergent used to clean, and water, either warm or cold is another consideration you should make when cleaning your shoes.

Shoes should be completely dry when wearing them as wet shoes are not only uncomfortable but can also damage your feet due to water seeping into them. This might lead to blisters and painful cracks developing in your feet. Also, even if you are not washing your shoes, remember to air them in an open space to rid them of smell that is brought about by sweating.

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